Friday, 31 October 2014

elvis - s.t lp 1956 memphis

hi dee fucking hi.... ... .. this truely is one of my favourite records of all time. its just sing-a-long fantastic at its most beautiful. the king of kings himself,  Mr. P, the pelvis. through much criticism and pointing and name calling ive always loved the man. i even used to go about glasgow at nights after much jigging at the art school and write his name drunkenly on sign posts. ive been called such things as a racist just for liking him and his tune-age. was even ding donged of some lassie cause....'' thats whit ma da listens tae ''. well. your all fools and your all wrong. hen, yir da wis a genius wae an earhole. racist??? how wrong kin yeez all be..!!! one of the first white persons ever to be brought up, listen, take note, copy what he seen in the poor black neighbourhoods of his town. adapt what he seen and heard and release it on them vinyl platters. respect, thats what i call it......i know he never wrote any of his own songs and done covers of all the up and coming tunes of the day. i know some of the originals are a hundred times better...i.e ray charles version of i got a woman and johnny carrolls version of tryin to get to you ........but big E.P did a good enough version to be called class. from beginning to end this is rock and or roll at some of its finest. a pure and utter classic of a record....... a year ago i seen the original r.c.a release at a flee market. it was smashed, ripped and almost unplayable. still the seller wanted about 70 quid for it. that tells you something about the genius of this record. pretty positive he sold it as well. wasnt rich enough that day or i would have bought it to frame. thats how good i think it is........and so should you........enjoy or die...!!!!!

elvis - lp, sleeves and pics