Wednesday, 14 December 2011

zero boys - livin' in the 80's 7 inch indiana 1980

allright allright we have an astoundingly rare 7 inch for the true believers here. heres one for all yous dafties that wouldnae listen tae stuff like this cause it was '' noise hardcore nonsense ''. theres a few out there that stuck any late 70s early 80s american ''stuff'' in the noise hardcore bracket and how fucking wrong yous were. this here is a middle of the sticks (indiana) second wave american punk band that wasnt trying to keep up with the last black cunt e.p or an out and out copy of the middle class 7 inch. id describe it as obnoxious, lazy, half assed, superb rocknroll punk from middle america. 'livin in the 80's' is pure class. if i wasnt daft id guess that reagan youth got their sound from this, and of course fucked it up and went all parollelogram on it. ''grunge'' too, god help me i even said that word, but nevermind eh.....ho ho. the pagans spring to mind as well. fuck, i just love that lazy sound that the american bands had. theres something about the utter obnoxiousness (is this really a word) of it all. it sounds like they cant even be arsed playing...its just wasting precious time until the next fix kinda rocknpops. whatever their injection habits were, hopefully 3 or 4 a day, we got us here some american early 80s tunes at their most best and we wonder where all this goodness went too and why small town yankeeville gave up on it. it was a true master of sounds that the world still clings too but denys where it came from and blame it on some ''grunge'' shit instead. americans made some of the best sounds in the early 80s and this is just proof of what i say is true. why do we still deny our heritage..??!!?? better than two pert tits on a sad day and there aint no boyfriend coming after you on this one.. lovely..!!

zero boys - single sleeves and pics










Thursday, 1 December 2011

plastic bertrand - sha la la la lee 7 inch belgium 1978

allright children. this is my 200th post. so ive thought for ages about what i was gonna post, wanted to do a biggie, but couldnt think of anything that quite fitted such a milestone in my carear. so yous are getting this instead. mr plastic gymnasiums third 7 inch and last of any descent quality. from here on out it just went down as quick as a big boabie down this here gentlemans throat. its a cover, yes yes yes yawn, so fuck...its a doozie..!! the last time i told you of his mask wearing skullduggery in the thieving of songs. this time im gonna tell you nothing.....apart from he aint french.....hes from bloody bloody belgium, where '' politicians make a mess giving people lots of stress ''.......and where dont they do this..??!! peace thru anarchy..!!

plastic bertrand - single, sleeves and pics