Tuesday, 3 July 2012

strength thru oi! compilation lp uk 1981

the one and only strength thru oi!. apart from the cover, (which to be honest has been done to death and im not gonna cover any new ground going on about it....yes he was a nazi, yes he was a closet homosexual gay basher, yes he was in skrewdriver security and did they know this when making the sleeve? ive no idea.)... this is a brilliant lp. some real crackers on here...the strikes gang warfare, last resorts working class kids, toy dolls she goes to finos, infa riots we outnumber you, 4 skins sorry, cock sparrers running riot, the strikes skinhead and the harbour mafia mantra at the end all add up to a top notch main band compilation of the early 80s. the pictures on the back sleeve are class though and so is the wee written bit....by garry johnson if i remember correctly. his poetry is quite silly to be honest but it is quite true as well. you cant really mock honesty no matter what accent its said in, and the cock-knee one does tend to grate a bit after a while. im the one to talk though........anyways....fuck the person going on in your ear about the cover and bang it on and let the singing begin...!!! toooo-ra-looo...!!!

strength thru oi! - lp, sleeves and pics

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