Friday, 29 June 2012

life sentence - no experience necessary lp chicago 1989

funny thing about this record, i found, while looking on the net for stuff about it. i could only find stuff about their first 12 inch. i know normally that bands like this, their first stuff is always the best, but not with life sentence. this lp is soo much better, in my opinion, than their first release. the whole world seems to think the opposite though. there is only info about that first 12'', pics, sleeves, history etc....and not this one.....fucking shame i say, as this is melodic raging hardcore at its finest..... it came out in 1989, when the whole world was about to change from the ''new punk movement'' in the coming year or three. there is many bands that are credited for this (all the wrong ones in my opinion...) and many cities are citied for this explosion. chicago is not one of those towns. although they did have screeching weasel, which i would put as one of the top three bands for starting this revolution, but this band or lp are never quoted......i will say it, and i will say it now....this record was part of that explosion. it was a change. there was more too it. it was more thought out. it showed a lot about the future of punk and hardcore. it was more adult, say, than the rest of the childish hardcore that was coming out at the time. they could play, or they thought that anyways. its fucking brilliant. full stop....some of the songs on here are fantastic.....'no experience necessry', 'cancer', 'domestic squabbles', 'freedoms promised dreams', 'gun control'. 'actions speak louder than words' and 'sins in the pulpit' are top of the mark classics of the time....and thats nearly the whole lp. we wanted melody, we didnt want straight edge nonsense, we didnt want political correct bullshit, we were sick of macho muscled bullshit and we got this. it put chicago on the map for hardcore for all times.....and im just sad to say that this is a forgotten about classsic that hardly anyone knows about these days.....the art on this lp is a marvel as well. the three colours of the best football team ever, laid out in male anal bewilderment. precise and neat and as cock humanoid as any man could ask for. at the time, hardcore was dying, and we asked fror a miracle. we got this fucking humongous lp, and boy were we and white forever.....mon the diamonds...!!!


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