Wednesday, 6 June 2012

urban waste - s.t 7 inch new york 1982

third in a row post of mad rare and mad good nyhc 7 inchs. this time we got the as rare as a nuns nipple 'urban waste' e.p.....if your into the fast stuff, and i dont mean them new trainers you bought or a bit of nose trumpet, i mean heads down and charge hardcore....then this is firmly in your ball park. jump about, arm in the air, got it. the guitar sound reminds me a wee bit of the 'dayglo abortions', pure machine gun / chainsaw material. its got loads of them slowie downed bits that nyhc is famous for and the obnoxious vocals are just to die for, they really are pretty sure a lot of people in finland and italy bought this as this has a lot of sounds that seemed to be copied in them regions. maybe im wrong though and its vice-a-versa. or maybe no-one copied nobody and there was just an urge, a similar urge, to play mental fast high pitched hardcore in small obscure regions all over the world in 81-82. cannae see it though as even the obscure places are full of copy cats.....anyways....who fucking brings blisters to the souls of your feet and if youve got a spare copy sitting about and want ten-bob for it. im your man.!! as this is yet another one i dont (yet.!) have in original form. a rescent bootleg is all i poor me....what a cunt i am.!! but still, im loveable and the lassies say ive a nice arse. so get that fuckin round ye..!! in there..!!!!

urban waste - single, sleeves and pics

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