Monday, 28 March 2011

gorilla biscuits - s.t 7 inch new york 1988

a bit of youthful hardcore bliss for yeez here. new york hardcore youth crew stylee. this was another band i was totally into. soon as i heard them one night on 'john peel', went straight out and bought their lp 'start today' the very next day. its one of them lps you still remember buying, cause the excitement was amazing. the fact that i actually went out to buy it and found it in glasgow is amazing enough. i bought that lp and 'majority of ones' lp. was all straight edged up. not personally, but in a record kinda way. few cans, bit eh blaw, and let the good times roll in. fingers pointing in the air, backward leeps of the sofa onto my bed, skateboard leeping all about the bedsit and i might as well have actually been at one of them cbgb matinees.
to be honest, a lot of the gorilla biscuits stuff hast really lasted the tests of time like other bands of their genre, youth of today being a great example, as they still sound as good today. the problem with gb was, they seemed just to be too childish and werent taking it that seriously. in saying that though. some of their tunes are still class in a glass. 'high hopes' and 'no reason why' are two of the songs from this 7 inch that to me still stand tall. when i first heard 'no reason why' i just thought it was toooo good and made me want to start a band and sound just like that, which of course never happend, did encourage me a bit. i did procrastinate, i did wait, i put it off and nothing got done about it. scottish stylee..!! ya beauty.!

gorilla biscuits - single sleeves video and pics



  1. such a great band but how fuckin rotten are quicksand and rival schools

  2. mind going tae see quicksand in edinburgh. mincing queerboy original emo. pure tatties.