Tuesday, 22 March 2011

the saints - one two three four 7 inch australia 1977

where would a blog of ones favourite records be without a saints posting? so here we have another trip down under to the land of macho homosexuality and inflated egos. although the two saints tracks on this record, 'demolition girl' and 'one way street', are mighty fine tunes indeed. its the two cover versions, 'lipstick on your collar' and 'rivers deep and mountains high', that make this record the bees knees. when i was a lad i actually thought that 'rivers deep....' was a saints song. tinas version is ok, but this one here is 'ripper', in fact i have a 'half mongrel' when i listen to it. went to see the saints a few years ago in stockholm. doing one of them reunion like tours. it was awful. one of the worst shows ive ever seen to be honest. from the word go you could see they couldnt be bothered and were taking at least five minutes inbetween songs to fix strings, have a beer, cup of methadone etc etc. most of the crowd left and by the time they had dragged their whisky soaked arses of the stage there was about a hundred people left. if you were at that show, at debaser slussen, please dont remember the saints because of that show. download this beauty and crank it up till yir eye balls bleed and memories of people actually caring about rock n roll come flooding back. can of fosters mate?? allrighty..!!

the saints - single sleeves pics and videos

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