Tuesday, 18 January 2011

slayer - reign in blood lp california 1986

here we go..!!! how many drunken nights have you had singing along to this child of mendez? the best thrash metal lp ever released?? of course it is, theres nothing else that compares. its almost a concept lp the way every track runs into each other and it seems natural the way its done. like the next song is ment to be the next song. they must have thought about it, but lets hope not. in thinking that, rick rubin produced it, so i bet he locked himself away and thought about it for a long long time. which kinda spoils it in a way. we just kinda hoped that satan himself had some kinda hand hovering above them as they sat in the studio while bonging and beering. allowing all his power into helping them form together a soundtrack to his long life. the son of the morning must have been proud in hearing this baby when complete. bet hes running about down there with his tail flying behind him, doing air guitar solos and clenching his fist while singing every word like it was second nature. just like the rest of us. remember once when i went to see them in edinburgh in about 88 or 89, at the clash of the titans mini festival. madness abound, ended up with some mad bastard going to stab me, but he was talked out of it, knife in hand and all. myself totally oblivious to this of course and only finding out the next day. after the show i ended up with a big railing spike through my foot as i tried to climb a fence into princes gardens in edinburgh, to goto sleep (as i missed my last train home). every nob i was with then leaving me at a hospital on my own with blood squirting out my foot. ended up in casualty waiting for hours to be seen in a room full of the Capital City Service (C.C.S), the hibs casual firm. one of them was walking about shoutin about hibs had never lost in a cup final, i think they had just got to the cup final or something or maybe he was just as mad wae it as i was. of course i had to make one of my better descisions in informing him they had, to airdrie in 1924 at ibrox park 2-0 with russell scoring both goals for the diamonds. how i knew this was because i was an airdrie supporter. airdrie not being too liked by hibs. for some reason he shut up and ive praised my lucky stars ever since, as there was easily about a hundred of them. now tell me, how satanic an evening was that and lord lucifer watched over me, every step. thanks lord..!!
ive included here a video of the song 'raining blood' from their stockholm hovet show in 2006 which i myself took, and a few pics from slayer shows ive worked at....puss puss.!



slayer - download forbidden