Saturday, 22 January 2011

the killjoys - johnny wont get to heaven 7 inch birmingham 1977

pure intoxicating full throttle punk rock. the way it should be. kevin rowlands punk band before he went onto form dexys midnight runners. so im sure theres probably dodgie terrorist connections with this record too. but, anyways....what a gem. thats the name of the bass player as well, gem or gil. who kevin, so they say, 'exploited' and made her wear revealing clothes. so we have to thank him for something anyways. apart from this here peach of a record. 'johnny wont get to heaven'.....what a piece of class in a glass. its got one of them choruses that you cant help singing along too and makes you think youve heard this a million times before the first time you hear it...'' it could be me, it could me...''. 'naive' on the b-side is not as good as the a-side, but thats taking absolutely nothing away from it. another classic. funny, the were kinda looked over as a punk band and this single is not one of the first people list off when talking about uk 77 punk. it should be as its one of the best there is. pure fucking genius. dancers..!!

killjoys - single sleeves and pics

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