Thursday, 13 January 2011

the fleshtones - blast off lp new york 1982 (recorded 1978)

for years i was told to listen to this band, but i never did. people i actually respected were telling me to go and get into this record. i refused for some reason. theres so many bands out there that people go on and on and on about and theyre always crap. boring twats playing some kinda middle of the road modern rocknroll. heres where i was wrong, it does happen and i should be punished. this is some record. 'judy' is an absolute stormer of a track. their other records to be honest are pretty mince, not this though. great 60s influenced american 70s rock n roll. upbeat and refreshing sounding. even to this day. thats probably why its been re-released quite a few times. even when it was released, as a cassette by roir, it was 4 years after it was recorded. so even the boys at roir realised they had to get this out there for the world to hear. the cover ive given here is from the rescent get hip records release. cracking package by the way. ''judy...thats her name.'' fabulous..!!

fleshtones - lp sleeves and pics

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