Tuesday, 24 August 2010

blitz - all out attack 7 inch uk 1981

whats better than this. a great booze up. loads of beer. some blitz, rejects, demob, abrasive wheels etc. the best british oi! 80s punk 7 inch ever? its gotta be in the top two or three. whats better? 'army life' ' no room for you' 'mr nobody' 'army song' ? nape, this is it. four great songs and one anthem thats led the charge for by on 30 years. the fact that it says ''football scarf blood stained red'' did it for me and still does it. red and white dynamite absolute fuxking shite. maybe we'll do a thing this year though, but........had this single as well years ago in the first 50 hand print first press ( ive included a version here, which in fact looked absolutely nothing like mine ). sold it to buy buckfast and jeronimo. now own the much less treasured 1st press. arrrgghhhhh...!!!! one of the local teams here use this song on one of their hooligan compilation videos. solna tattare.
just added all the original sleeves and more pics. as well as it being updated to media fire for extra downloading care.. kram..!!

blitz - single sleeves and pics

Planet Gong - Opium for the people 7 inch uk 1978

remember seeing this live in glasgow on a flying carpet sometime in the late 80s very early 90s. they did about a two hour set of noises and various prancing that was all well and good. they then went off for about ten minutes. then flew straight back on doing this wae mad old daevid allen flying straight into the crowd. every cånt going mental, him fleein aboot and me just standing staring. was excellent at the time and is still a standard for my 'marching around the house and teaching my kids' singing. if this aint punk, then i wasnt there and blah blah blah. cover of some proto punk french band that i cant for the life of me remember the name of and cant be arsed looking up. so help. they were connected, gong and the french band, somehow. daevid was in them before gong or some shite. to be honest, my memory of gong is in the same shelf as the residents. up stairs, 4 doors down and in the scary bit. Booooooo..!!
gong - single sleeves and pics

bohemia – s.t 10 inch chicago 1980

this has got to be one of them 'inside my head' at the moment records. downloaded it a coupla months ago and cant stop listening to it. from the Killed By Death site, which you should all visit by the way. im sitting on their 10 inch at the moment on ebay, ive included the picture, and if these three songs are anything to go by then the mores the better. hope your fingers are crossed for me. punk power-pop rock n roll. baws. early chicago punk at its best. theres a couple of riffs in there naked raygun teefed. nuff said. if i ever find this ill buy you all a drink.
well i did find it, and at a snip of a price as well. i owe yous all a drink..!!
now updated to mediafire.

bohemia - single, sleeves and pics