Tuesday, 24 August 2010

bohemia – s.t 10 inch chicago 1980

this has got to be one of them 'inside my head' at the moment records. downloaded it a coupla months ago and cant stop listening to it. from the Killed By Death site, which you should all visit by the way. im sitting on their 10 inch at the moment on ebay, ive included the picture, and if these three songs are anything to go by then the mores the better. hope your fingers are crossed for me. punk power-pop rock n roll. baws. early chicago punk at its best. theres a couple of riffs in there naked raygun teefed. nuff said. if i ever find this ill buy you all a drink.
well i did find it, and at a snip of a price as well. i owe yous all a drink..!!
now updated to mediafire.

bohemia - single, sleeves and pics

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