Friday, 6 August 2010

slaughter and the dogs - youre ready now 7 inch manchester 1979

the mighty slaughter. one of the best original uk punk bands without a doubt. here doing a cover of frankie vallies 'your ready now', and dont these man-coonians do it justice. punk bands should be made up of scoundrals, car thiefs and general nogoodniks and this is the band to bring that point home with an right royal wham in yir chops. peach of a 7 inch and should be in everyones collection. if you dont own this then your mothers nether regions do resemble a torn out fire place. ya middens..!!
updated to media fire. with original sleeves more pics etc etc.

slaughter and the dogs - single sleeves and pics

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  1. i agree completely one of the best uk punk bands ever. manchesters finest,fuck the buzzcocks ,arty shite. this is the real deal.