Tuesday, 24 August 2010

celibate rifles - but, jaques the fish 7 inch australia 1982

back to the land of brewers droop and the second biggest pride parade outside san francisco. you got it, australia. this time serving up the mighty celibate rifles. kents theme. kents theme.!!!! cant really describe how good it is. listening to it now after over 20 years of hearing it and its still brilliant.' lets get married ' blows away them cobwebs too. fresh as the day it was released. the b-sides a bit så där, but its still ten times better than anything elton john ever was or shall be.!! the reason of this blog was to put out for all to see my most favourite records ever, and boy-oh-boy, this sure as your mother on heat, is one of them. get it round ye.!

celibate rifles - single sleeves and pics

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