Tuesday, 10 August 2010

the Vibes - can you feel 7 inch london 1984

the vibes. oh the wonderful vibes. as sleazy as your neighbours mum or your sisters dad even. one of the best bits of vinyl the early british trash scene gave to us, if not the best. 'underestimated man' and 'miniskirt blues' are true masterpieces that would only have the really unhip wincing. if the gories were half this good then they would have been a bit better. brillant 7 inch from 'big beat' records, the first of a few here.  'going to ma dojo. working on ma mojo. checking out them miniskirt blues.'
just updated this. youve now got all the original sleeves, more pics and a couple of rare videos from french tv as well. sorry about the quality, but....... its now on media fire as well, for your ultimate downloading pleasures. i love the lot of yous..xx

the vibes - single sleeves pics and videos

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