Tuesday, 24 August 2010

television personalities – Where’s Bill Grundy Now 7 inch uk 1978

this must be the official start of both indie music and d.i.y punk. although there was bands before them, desperate bicycles for example. this is the best though and where ive always seen the photo-copied sleeve and 'home recorded' music came from. absolute classic of a single. again, if you dont own any form of this you should be shot. you really should. you know nothing, and should probably fuck off now. get your coat, get out....!! no matter what kinda music you dig. if you do not treasure this 7 inch in your top ten of all time. you are a scumbag and should not be trusted. music made simple and for the first time put across as anyone can do it. get a guitar, get some friends, some songs and go...!!! simple as that. sometimes nothing is everything. this is that good. i bless you.!!
another one of the older posts updated for your enjoyment and relaxed downloading extravaganza. same same. more original sleeves and pics. im off walking down the kings road. see-ya..!!


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