Monday, 13 December 2010

wild billy childish and the blackhands - who do you think youre kidding mr. hitler 7 inch london 2008

a song close to everyone in britains hearts. in the song they do mention 'eggland' for some reason, but it was britain that fought in the wars and that is a british flag. ireland did too, just to calm some people down. anyways....mad billy childish and his unwashed hands giving us an insane but brilliant version of the tv programme 'it aint half hot mums' closing titles. peter cushion was amazing as 'grouty'. imagine three or four steamers that can play instruments, in a kitchen at a party on a tuesday lunch time, giving it laldy on their favourite tv theme tunes. add a wee bit of ska tempo and here you have it. bet this gets played on the bingo bus in deepest ayrshire. about time someone did this and put it onto vinyl. hes a good man that childish one. avon calling.

wild billy childish - 7 inch, sleeves and pics.


  1. It's Dads Army

  2. really? of course its dads army. quick, surprise me, did peter cushion(?) really play grouty as well???

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