Monday, 13 December 2010

the fuzztones - bad news travels fast 7 inch nyc 1984

rudi protrudi n that. marvellous stuff. brilliant a-side, that if you hadnt heard it a million times youd think its a cover. is it? says the rudi man wrote it, but i could be the boogie man. rudi is supposed to be a bit of a 'boogie' man. even ma sister thought so back in time. remember her boyfriend being slightly miffed about her keep going on about the rudi mans hair. didnt quite see it myself, but.....60s influenced rock and or roll from the depths of the inner slums of early 80s new york. music should come from places like that. you know, new york, boston, detroit, glasgow, airdrie, preston pans, lidingö. wonder what its like jumpin about in some inner city scheme (project, for the...) wae bones round your neck, long winkle pickers with cuban heels, furry tank top and mop-top. imagine you bumped into the baldies or the ducky boys or the wanderers. i bet theyd chase you. catch me.....

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  1. Laddar ner :)

  2. laddar upp :(

  3. Saw em many a timne in en y cee in the 80's. USed ta play a club called The Div ewith all those garage and paisley underground bands. Rudi thought he was a bad-ass, but Deb O'Nair was the real thrill.

  4. deb o'nair. that sure is one superb name.
    thanks for the comments mate.