Saturday, 18 December 2010

dead kennedys - bleed for me 7 inch san francisco 1982

the dead kennedys 6th 7 inch here and a bit of a doozie. really has anthemic type qualities to it and the lyrics are stupendus. really need to get back to work so thats yir whack for the time being. ''youve been hanging round, with an enemy for the state.'' really?
thought id write a wee bit more about this as im now hame from work. although 'life sentence', itself, is a great wee tune. its a big shame though that the b-side of this is not 'riot', the song that almost joins onto this on their lp 'plastic surgery disasters'. those two songs together are, what i think, almost the best the dead kennedys ever did. it would have just topped of this single and maybe made it their greatest release. still 'bleed for me' is a classic in all proportions and cant be over looked no matter what song is on the b-side. as i said 'life sentence is a great song too. of all the songs the dead kennedys had. they could have released about a hundred singles (i know im exaggerating and cant spell) but putting this on a 7 inch was truely genius and slightly risk taking. not politically, but musically. they had many other more sing-a-long type stuff that the public would have devoured. they did this one instead and my hat goes off to them. ''smile at the mirror as the cameras click, and make big business happy.'' genius.

dead kennedys - music sleeves flyers etc


  1. With the state of things the way they are, I'm surprised this hasn't been used in a tampon commercial.

  2. theres still time. i think theyre just waiting for jellos death to get the publishing rights.