Tuesday, 7 December 2010

jerry lee lewis - crazy arms 7 inch Louisiana 1956

mad killer at his finest here. his first 7 inch and on the outstanding sun records as well. what a way to start your carear. i love these old rock and or roll classic drunk anthems. when i hear this i imagine some old man standing in a bowling club somewhere in rainy west scotland, with one arm up in the air, mumbling some kinda made up lyrical version of this. with lines like ''booo ein th uurr eee fu tha weee chaa ahhhh feee.....'', you know, the way it should be and the way it should be sung. no shame, no manners and no way back. whats the song about anyway. some boy screwing up his relationship and watching his best girl marrying some other guy, probably with a future and a job and a car and a home and a life etc etc etc etc....i love this song so much im gonna get it played the day i marry my best girl, as the marrige waltz. you know, the dance the bride and groom dance on their own. was once in a rockabilly club in stockholm, in skepps bar to be precise, many years ago. there i seen the most impressive dancing to 'the tunes' i have ever seen in my life. an elderly man in his 50s who happend to be very small, was standing in a white suit,  completely still. one arm straight up in the air pointing. while his tall amazonia like girlfriend, who was clearly in her 30s, danced like a wild banshee around him. like she craved him and he commanded her. well, thats the way my wedding dance is gonna be. ive never seen two people dance so lovingly as that and that good either. thats the way i want it. chen qui.

jerry lee lewis - single, sleeves, pics and video

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