Monday, 6 December 2010

jack scott - what am i living for 7 inch detroit 1960

the mighty jack scott. hes much better known for his song 'the way i walk', which of course the cramps did a cover version of and made old jack cool with the hipsters and heelers. although 'the way i walk' is a mighty fine wee tune to say the least. this one is my favourite. maybe its because of the latters over playing, i dont know, but 'what am i living for' is a huge drunken standard in my house and will hopefully stay that way for many a moon to come. 'rca' had elvis and 'carlton' had jack scott as a kinda rival to 'the pelvis', what a challenge or even a threat that must have been to him. history shows the results. the cover ive given is actually the cover to the lp of the same title and not the 7 inch. a pic of the vinyl is there though. infectious droning rock and or roll at its best. viva le jack.!!

jak scott - music and pics

there is no you-tube of what am i living for

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