Sunday, 12 December 2010

impact unit - my friend the pit 7 inch boston 1983/1989

yet another one i cant find any info on aprt from one of them going on to form 'the mighty mighty bosstones', but lets forget about that. this was recorded in 1983, but wasnt released until 1989 on 'crucial response records' from germany. why it was never released back in its day, ill never know. very much typical boston style 'old school' hardcore. with fast bits and slow bits etc. fir yir moshin edge, know whit a mean..madest names of songs, 'regular boys haircut' 'id eat your shit' 'my friend and the pit'. 'regular boys haircut' being the tip top and bristol fashion one, 'nightstalker' is a bit of  beauty too. if you dig 'D.Y.S', then youll dig this. away the lads.....

impact unit - music and sleeves

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