Wednesday, 8 December 2010

m.d.c - chicken squawk 7 inch san francisco 1984

to be honest, i was never really into m.d.c. they were musically boring. there was always bands that you really wanted to like. i tried and tried and tried to like them. they had great logos, stood for great things, seemed to be very political astute. their name was great as well, who wouldnt want to like a band called ' millions of dead cops ', tell me who wouldnt? unfortunately, they were crap and he who sings, dave dictor, has a really annoying voice. this pretty much sums up my opinion of 'the subhumans (uk)' as well.......anyways, the a-side of this 7ner is excellent jump around punk slash hardcore and recommended for any house party. just goes to show, no matter how much you try, youll always get something right. bredäng..!

mdc - music, sleeves and pics

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