Monday, 13 December 2010

chain of strength - true til death 7 inch california 1989

one of the great 'youth crew' 7 inchs of the late 80s early 90s and surprisingly from california. pure class in a glass no matter where its from, but most of these wee gems came from the east side of the big kipper. chain of strength were a mighty band though. the tunes to be had on this one are 'true til death' and 'never understand'. pure finger pointing and pulling faces good time. sing-a-long-a-youth-crew chanting. no girls. clean clothes. neat hair. do sports. dont drink. community interactive. drug free. being educated.........fuck me. why in the name of jehovah are they so angry? the beers, bongs and bristols guys just seemed to have so much more fun in the long run. give or take about 35 years, but who wants an extension to your boredom.? knickers instead of knitting, beer instead of ball. im off to get the t-shirts printed now. choo-choo.!!

chain of strength - music sleeves pics etc

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