Monday, 6 December 2010

the stains - john wayne was a nazi 7 inch texas 1981

the stains was the band that went on to move to san francisco and call themselves m.d.c. this single has a much more rawer punkier sound than when they changed their name and became whirlwind thrash. top notch record with great sentiments and lyrics. john wayne was a nazi right wing american arsehole. ive aalso included a picture of another famous nazi. plus the first sleeves pictured are from the repress, the version i have.

He liked to play SS
Kept a picture of Apolph,
Tucked in his cowboy vest
Sure he would string up your mother
Sure he would torture your pa
Sure he would march you up to the wall
Sure he would hang you by your last ball
He was a Nazi
But not anymore
He was a Nazi
Life evens the score
John Wayne slaughtered our Indian brothers
Burned their villages and raped their mothers
Now he has given them the white man's lord
Live by this, or die by the sword
John Wayne killed a lot of gooks in the war
We don't give a fuck about John anymore
We all heard his tale of blood and gore
Just another pawn for the capitalist whore
John Wayne wore an army uniform
Didn't like us reds and fags that didn't conform
Great white hero had so much nerve
Lived much longer than he deserved
Late show Indian or Mexican dies
Klan propaganda legitimized
Hypocrite coward never fought a real fight
When I see John I'm ashamed to be white
Death bed Christian of this you avowed
If God's alive, you're roastin' now
Well John, we got no regrets
As long as you died a long and painful death

the stains - music and pics

no stains video on you-tube

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