Friday, 10 December 2010

horrorcomic - i dont mind / england 77 7 inch england 1977

heres another one theres not that much info on. bloody shame, as this is a pure classic. english 77 style sing-a-long pub punk at its best. they look like a bunch of lairy herberts. check the singer boys flairs or the mad dude to his left side on the front sleeve. looks like he should be giving swimming or tennis lessons to rich kids from unforgiving parents. whats that mike on the cover all about. phallic by any chance.? they sound as loud as fuck and the type you kinda stay away from. sounds good to me. i bet at least one of them drives a cortina. this is the kinda record that everyone will say theyve heard it before, but havent really and will never admit it. it sounds like youve heard it a thousand times. its so catchy. another fucking shame is the 'england 77' thing, it means i cant walk about singing it in the house. no way im singing about that shit-hole, and to rub more shit into the wounds its a pure gem and would be a favourite, if it only wasnt called that. same as that 'cock sparrer' song, 'england belongs to me'. how can i walk about singing it, i refuse. anyway, if you stand outside my window of a friday night. you will hear me sing 'i dont mind'............'' but what about your boyfriend.?...''.

horrorcomic - music and sleeves

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