Sunday, 12 December 2010

verbal abuse - just an american band lp san francisco 1983

another total classic from the american west coast hardcore scene in the early 80's. typical obnoxious californian thrash mayhem in the same pyjamas as d.r.i. some of these shows back in the day must have been mayhem. totally loved this lp as soon as i heard it. this, 'd.r.i' and 'suicidal tendencies' seemed to be a scene on their own. all the right-onees hated these bands, but secretly loved them im sure. cause theyre infectious as clap in a cathouse. some twat was even explaining to me once why i shouldnt like verbal abuse, this included that the lps cover was littered with celtic crosses and nazi regalia and that they had right wing lyrics. to this day i keep looking at the cover to find all these suggested crosses and regalia and try and work out how someone could find their lyrics right wing. still cant find 'nuthin'. pish i say. if people hate a band that much that they have to make up some clap-trap story about them, then all i can think is they must be great. if they piss off the army cloth wearing brigade that much, then bring em on. ''i hate you....and everything you do.!''




  1. Just stumbled onto yr site via a Google search for some pix of Jerry Lee Lewis....and wound up reminiscing about Verbal Abuse....LOVED that band back in the day, and my awfulawfulawful HS HC band got to open for them when they breezed thru town...the guys were all cool, into hanging out, and generally as great as the record makes 'em sound....annnyway, thanxxx for posting this & I'll def be back to check out more of yr fine, fine vinyl offerings!

  2. thanks for the comments my man. welcome back anytime. its always