Tuesday, 14 December 2010

elton motello vs plastic bertrand - jet boy jet girl / ca plane pour moi 7 inch england 1977 / belgium 1977

now heres a tail of wicked highway men that would even make the irish wince. everyone in the whole god-damned wide world has heard the song 'ca plane pour moi', right? everyone knows the damned done a song called 'jet boy jet girl', right? everyone always wondered why they were the same tune. some even thought that the damneds 'jet boy jet girl' was the translation from french to english. wrong, and here is the story. a boy named 'alan ward' has a band called 'bastard', with none other than 'bryan james' from the damned. theyre not too popular, so they move over to belgium. a country that had a fair rock and or roll scene at the time. doesnt work there either. so alan moves on and renames himself 'elton motello' and starts a new band, along with belgian drummer and ex 'hubble bubble' member 'roger jouret', who in a very short period of time will be known as none other than 'plastic bertrand'. the producers wanna make it into a world wide hit, its a catchy wee number after all. due to its explicit and provocative lyrics, from the start they know its a no go. so they does the dirty. get roger in to jump about silly in front of a camera and ding dong (ban) him from the studio (the producer sang by the way). rename him 'plastic bertrand' and change all the lyrics into french mumbo jumbo. est voila....a number one all round the world from someone elses hard work. ching ching. it doesnt stop at that, they even stole the exact same b-side, 'pogo pogo'. youll even find eltons cover of 'sha la la la lee' from his lp 'victim of time' 1978, as plastics next 7 inch. outstanding defiance in the face of sportingly conduct and good cricket id say. listen to them both, its shocking what some people get up to. theres not much difference between any of these songs. to make matters even more confussion, who is it that produced plastics first lp? a certain 'alan ward'. 'mr plastic gynasium bertrum' in 2006 won a court case to prove he sang on the 'ca plane pour moi' 7 inch. he was rescently taken to court again, and guess what, he lost. the bastard should be wearing a mask. bloody bloody belgium.

elton motello - music sleeves and pics

plastic bertrand - music sleeves and pics


  1. living next door to alice..!!

  2. Now then...
    The second Plastic Bertrand album, "J'te Fais Un Plan", is produced by Alan Ward, a k a Elton Motello. Not sure about the first one though.
    Glad you got the "Jet Boy Jet Girl" v/s "Ca Plane Pour Moi" thing right. "Jet Boy Jet Girl" is the original version.
    I have been in touch with Mr Ward himself regarding this matter.

  3. have you really been in touch with him Larz??? have you really. thats fucking fantastic news. well done. give yourself a big fucking pat on the back. ya fanny...!!!