Wednesday, 1 December 2010

D.R.I - 22 songs 7 inch texas 1983

this is probably the first 7 inch to have a ton of songs on it. it became a bit of a trend in the late 80s and early 90s to pack as many songs on an ep as you could. '' 7 minutes of nausea '' '' sore throat '', the '' bbbbllleeeaauurrggghh '' comps etc to name but a few. they were mostly awful and there was no tune to be seen. now here is a band with a tune and tune played at lightning speed as well. ''busted'' ''draft me'' ''capatalist suck'' '' i dont need society'' ''commuter man'' ''money stinks''.....all good tune driven 'fuckin' hardcore noise thrash. the original band and the best. the covers ive included here are from a bootleg i have of this. the original is still far from my grasp. i have included though an original scene report and add for the e.p when it was pressed as a 12 inch from maximum rocknroll in 1983. '' WHO AM I?? D . R . I. ''

dri - ep sleeves and pics

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