Thursday, 16 December 2010

g.g allin - public animal #1 7 inch new hampshire 1987

one more here from the gorgeous and generous allin child. another superb piece of vinyl here that is in a long list of crackers from jesus christ himself. the track 'new york city tonight' is an absolute classic in the pogo rock n roll power pop classroom and 'drink fight and fuck' is just the anthem to be sung on the bus 'up the toon' wae your pals on a friday night. these two songs alone make this record and everyone should be downloading it to hear them. this reminds me, people dont seem to get that you can download the music on this here blog. look at the bottom of every post and youll see an underlined heading. click on it you fools and itll take you to media fire and you can download. here was me thinkin as well that all folks were hip to the blog. obviously not. someone even asked me how you play the songs on my blog. wooooosh. ludites, the lot of you. be gone.!

gg allin - music sleeves pics flyers etc

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  1. Thanks a lot for this post, pal! :)

    PD: I have a video of Gigi in my youtube channel, by the way :B