Friday, 31 December 2010

johnny cash - so doggone lonesome 7 inch usa 1958

we all like mr. cash it seems and for my quarter of a ha'pennies worth, this is one of his best. 'so doggone lonesome' is an absolute classic and so is 'cry cry cry'. two better songs could not be on the same record together but they are. it seems nowadays that everyman and his woman love jr. we all do i suppose. hes great. there is a few people or bands that i really dont mind everyone liking. they are elvis, the jam, the specials, the ramones, stiff little fingers and john jr himself. hes of scottish blood and stock too and even claims his family run as far back as some scottish queen who i cant remember the name of. my son has the proud fact of knowing that i took him to see johnny on his last ever swedish appearence at the lollipop festival, in a pram, in 1997. who wouldnt want that story being told and told again to him. ''one lonely hour seems forever, thats 60 minutes more to wait for you.'' r.i.p big man.

johnny cash - single sleeves and pics

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