Monday, 6 December 2010

the phantom - love me 7 inch usa 1958

the phantom is a bit of a mystery. when ive been looking for stuff to post here, first, there isnt that much info on him and second, who actually is the phantom. for starters, whats his name? ive always thought he was cried 'marty lott' and he is credited in a coupla places as being titled that. most places say he is called 'jerry lott'. so is it marty or jerry? he seems to have an lp out now too, which every song apart from these two are not even by him. he doesnt even play guitar or anything on 7 tracks on that lp but its supposed to be 'the phantoms' long lost lp. another thing, for more confussion, on that lp he is said to be called 'nick todd'. so who the hell is the phantom and why are people screwing around with his memory? supposedly 'pat boone' got him onto 'dot records' as some kinda favour and even planned to steal his identity and call himself the phantom. the next mystery is this tale, tragic no matter what way its told. for years ive always been led to believe that after recording this here piece of dynamite, he left the studio, jumped on his motorbike and minutes later broke his neck in a severe crash and was paralysed from the neck down. now ive read it wasnt a bike but a car and he didnt break his neck at all, but was still severly injured. bloody shame whatever it was that happend and a musical genius 20 years before his time was lost forever. for further confussion, was it recorded  and released in 1958 or 1960? who really cares.
this is ('love me'), to me, one of the best songs ever. no bullshit. ever! of course 'the cramps', 'the meteors' et al did a cover of this song but did it no justice what-so-ever. its where punk music started. no jokes. this has got to be the first punk song. if its not, proove me wrong, and if you can, by god i wanna here that tune. ok everybody. scream after me....'' your lips to mine and ill whisper i love you...'' the best song ever, the best single ever and my lord the best scream ever. 1 and a half minutes of sheer and utter chaotic bliss.....LOVE ME.

the phantom - music and pics

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