Monday, 31 January 2011

billy briggs - chew tobacco rag 7 inch texas 1947

now now now. heres a wee gem for yous. mr billy briggs and his orchestra. remember hearing this way back in the seventies in my dads car, with john peel on the radio, going into glasgow to pick up my brother from the apollo. was either 'the damned' or 'the clash' that had been playing (my brother being about 13 at the time, myself being 6). this must have been about 1978. the reason i cant remember which gig it was because there was much fisticuffs on both nights outside the gig. can actually remember 'captain sensible' being put inside the polis van, in his mad fluffy suit et al. anyways...this was played, maybe it was the way home actually, and it brought a smile to our faces and i remember it still to this day. then one day many years later i was in 'paddys market' (glasgows once favourite flea market. now unfortunately closed down) and i found this seven inch. all be it in a later release and unfortunately not the original, which i still have. would have scanned the labels from it but the scanners not working at the moment. then many years later than that i moved to sweden and in a way to try and give up smoking someone recommended chewing tobacco, snus, and ive been hooked ever since. think ive smoked about ten cigarettes after i tried it. then many years after that ive tried to give up snus and i think ive lasted about 3 hours. its so fucking addictive. ive included a picture or so of my favourite snus, general portion, but sometimes i do go for 'lucky strike' if im puckered with cash. to be honest i still take the 't-bag' style and dont go for the more manly loose gear. thank god. anyways, again, this is hillbilly boogie baby at its best. grab your favourite girl onto the dancefloor kinda gear. footstompin aggro. ya beauty..!!

billy briggs - single sleeves video and pics

gene vincent - high blood pressure 7 inch usa 1963

this song is in fact the b-side of this here 7 inch. although the a-side, 'crazy beat', gets an ok from the scottish judge, it is in fact the b-side that rings bells and gets you hopping all the way home from high school. 'high blood pressure' is a pure gem. totally dirty rock'n'roll at its best again. slow, repetative and addictive as crack. wee genie boy. mr cool in the world of stars. the man was a genius. so be gettin yourselfs downloading this not so well known vincent classic. was lookin through all the info on the dude and was sad to find out he died from alcohol related occurances. a septic ulser to be precise. another one bit the dust, eh. youll all be kinda knowing now that i love these slow rock'n'roll anthems. the kinda one arm in the air as you sing songs. youll all be knowin right. totally love them. like poison and women and really long boring historical documentaries. me me me...!!!

gene vincent - single sleeve video and pics

Sunday, 30 January 2011

g.g allin - you hate me and i hate you 7 inch new hampshire 1982

another dillion of the wee boy allin here. total classic single from his early days. this here stuff he done as well as all the other stuff ive posted of his on here, blows away all that noise and fart nonsense he released near his end. well, his later stuff anyways. his stuff near the end wis nearly all country and that stuffs amazing. anyways.....theyre be no ramble this time. just download and dig. i shit meat eaters..!!

g.g allin - single sleeves and pics