Sunday, 16 January 2011

minor threat - filler 7 inch washington d.c 1981

heres the first of minor threats 7 inchs. ive posted the second one earlier on in the blog. so if you havent already got it, go back and get it. this here one is the best of the two. theres not much in it to be honest. this one has more songs, maybe thats why i think its the best. some real classics on this the title track 'filler', 'idont wanna hear it', 'straight edge' and 'minor threat', but theyre all brilliant to tell the truth. cant hear one word against this record. its where a lot of things started and some might even say its where a lot of things finished as well. pish, they had three more great releases after this. the cover of this record isnt actually ian mackaye, like a lot of people think, it is in fact his brother alex. theres a wee bit of trivia fur yeez. ''were not the first and i hope were not the last.'' believe me ian, yous werent. peaches and cream.!!

minor threat - single sleeves and pics


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