Saturday, 19 January 2013

poison idea - record collectors are pretentious arseholes lp portland 1984

didnt sleep last night, at all. so when i eventually got up, i was in a reet pissed off mood. thats now. go up about 15 minutes ago. so i thought id get something of my chest and tells yous why............its shocking, but ive started to sell all my records. especially all the really rare punk ones. at present ive sold for example....youth of todays first 7 inch first press, s.o.a's 7 inch, minor threat - in my eyes, helen keller - surfin with steve and e.d amin, the misfits - evilive 7 inch first press, warzones first e.p, the cybermen, the art attacks, both anti-social and your so dumb 7 inchs by the band we cant mention, headache, tearjerkers, moondogs, the tights, bee bee cee, chaotic youth's first 7 inch, actives, turbonegro various presses, x, neon hearts venus eccentric 7 inch in 8 inch sleeve, satans rats, the mansons etc etc etc etc etc.....................and why?............about a year ago i discovered a record shop not so far from where i live. a junk shop of the higher grade level (i live in a very ''bohemian'' part of stockholm) had one pound record boxes and a promise of better down in the basement. so ah goes down. low and behold it was a mekka of rare and extremely rare KBD punk 7 inchs. so i starts looking through them. ''want that one, want that one, want that one''. heartbreakingly i look at the prices (in euros of course). $70. $230. $95. and this went on for an eternity. i almost burst into tears. so i left. later on explaining to my family of the heartbreak i experienced that day of finding that dream and realising i cant afford it and probably never could.....................about 6 months ago i found out of another shop on the other side of town. i was told of a shop that only sold punk and had records all over the walls. punk lp sections that the a section alone had about 150 lps in it. and thousands and thousands of punk, hardcore, straight edge 7 inchs. i shat myself, honestly. was too scared to go there even. eventually i went. i was there about 6 minutes and again had to leave. this time it was more shocking to be honest. all the stories i had been told were true. they had/have the lot. including memorabilia as well. fanzines, old mrrs, badges etc etc plus every single record ive ever dreamed of seeing. the wall was a dream. siege, c.i.a, the necros iq 32, all four minor threat 7 inchs in different coloured sleeves, mecht mench, youth brigade, nihilistics, project x etc etc.....(ill include pictures, they of course have a web site). this was everything id ever dreamed of in a record shop. a thing i thought didnt really exist, but had heard of them in far off places like tokyo and san francisco. again it was life changing, in a very negative way and i left in rapid style. before going i checked through a few 7 inchs. all were immaculate. so i asked where they had got them all and they said they had bought them off one guy in norway. not all of them surely? he was sick of collecting punk and wanted rid of them to start collecting ''american indie'', what ever that is. they must have paid about a million pound for the lot. that only begs belief what the collector paid for them. you could tell somehow he wasnt there at the time of press and had bought in bulk. so of course the prices they had were through the roof and id say cut off about 99.999999% of the people who would actually buy them, listen to them and appreciate them. $700, $300. $350. $400. its what ''they'' say theyre worth i suppose and people pay for them. i cant really explain what this did to me......... i started to question every value ive seen in collecting vinyl. what was the point? these records are now mainly owned by an elite troop of well paid business men with huge disposable amounts of cash sitting about. they never get played and are kept in perfect unplayed, as new condition. insanely violent drunk punk records from 1981 were unplayed and in pristine condition. how? what kinda fucking nerd tool didnt play their records in 1981?? or 1988 or 1993. all the records i have from when i was young are all bashed from partying and bouncing about the room and played over and over and over. i fucking loved them records.........over the past 8 years i came into a very good way (perfectly legal) of buying rare records on ebay and i bought hundreds. for a lot of money too. never played them cause i had all the songs on my computer. just occasionally i or a friend would pull out a box and sit and look through them. that was until i went to these record shops and got my fucking heart broke.....honestly? doesnt it defeat the purpose? it was never ment to get like this or was it? greed again has destroyed everything and has put it up to a higher shelf than that was ment for the said item. some of the records sold for $2 at the time of release and were full of left wing anti state anti greed messages. now they are framed on peoples walls. unplayed and bought for $6,300. that just aint fucking cool. so i thought fuck it. im getting rid of them to some american retard (thats RETORD if your from the states) living in singapore who carries about wheel barrows of cash for a living. probably exploiting the fuck out small business' and ripping people out of house and home. or a german hunchback living of what his parents worked hard to accumulate..... low and behold i got a small fortune. i took my son on holiday. ive paid rent for about 6 months. went for meals etc etc etc and still have all the records i bought ''at the time'' left. the ones that truly mean something. these people can have them and they can stick them up their arse for all i care. cause they certainly wont be fucking playing them. and why?....because record collectors are not just pretentious arseholes. they are nouveau rich upper class fucking minted pretentious arseholes as well......thank you.!!

poison idea - 12 inch, sleeves and pics


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