Thursday, 17 January 2013

dreadful - demo tape glasgow 1988

to fly along the same lines as the last post. heres a rare as fuck demo tape from glasgows very own dreadful. grindy metal core the only way it should be. on a tape with a foldie oot lyrics sheet. no photies. no names. no quality and lots of political diatribes. the musics quite good to be honest in a kinda nostalgic way and ive certainly heard a lot lot worse. thats not the point though. the point is....this is the way it used to be. when communication was done through letters, word of mouth and actually getting off your arse and doing it yourself. really doing it yourself. photo copying fanzines and making dodgie demo tapes. then walking about selling them. selling them at gigs you put on yourselves. selling them to people that have travelled for hundreds of miles to watch a six band onslaught of pure unadulterated noise. them were the days eh...!!?? were they fuck..!!

dreadful - demo tape and pics

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