Saturday, 5 January 2013

the buzzcocks - i dont mind 7 inch manchester 1978

as the G.G man (who we cant talk about anymore) once said.........ITS GOOD TO BE BACK. wae the smack and the crack and youve lost yir dole card. were here were queer, weve always got more beer................its been yonks since ive posted anything and i thought to myself, tae hang wae it and start posting more nonsense.....i stopped cause i got kicked off the tune sharing site for violations. thats how you cant download anything from here anymore. id done 250 posts, started thinkin that was ma whack and then i got cut off. so i thought away tae fuck wae it and ah cannae be arsed anymore. id need to get ma arse into line and re-post 250 (as i said) posts. it became a chip the notre dame chap would be proud of, so i gave up.....but, fuck it all, in yir eye, up yir as back as the thing below yir gonna try a new way of doing it. ill upload the songs for you to down dig and tae hell with all the other stuff i was offering. it was all there to take anyways....the pics etc, just click on them, right click and save...etc etc....maybe ill stay outta jail a bit longer doing it this way..................RIGHT, sob story over........we have here the of the things that was right holding me back from posting, cause it has been such a time, was what the fuck would i post to get it all started again. it troubled me like a kicking. should it be a boom bop classic, should it be a smoove wee sneakie peep, should it be...should it be.....fuck should be the buzzcocks. one of their endless amounts of 7 inchers here (surprise surprise), but it came in a jobbie coloured sleeve and i think that put people off remembering this wee gem. of course its one of their classic tunes, but i dont think its as remembered as the way some of their other tunes are. maybe because of the shite coloured sleeve, maybe not......but anyways.....its a pogo pop punk classic of ultimate proportions and i think a fantastic wee tune tae be getting back intae the gear of this here blog. enjoy........and, oh aye, get it up and round the lot of yeez......!!!

01 - i dont mind

02 - autonomy

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