Friday, 27 July 2012

lowlife - leaders 7 inch canada 1979

right....another rare one from the land of snow and boringness. canadas rare and finest 'lowlife'. dont know fuck all about them and there aint nothing much about them on the this here web. so.....heres m opinion. the a-side is ok. the b-side is fucking fantastic. 'white lightning' and 'thinking naturally' are pure ultra punk-tastic hits that everyone should know about. and i guess this is why it sells for more than a fortune. ......fuck all these namby-pamby arseholes and their shite opinions. here is where the tune is at. the b-side is canada at its fucking ever best. its rockin, its popin, its the ayetollah of the rockin roll ahhhhhhhh------youve guest it....ive nothing to say..but all i can say. is get it in get it downloaded and get it fucked. .....fucking cannnnnnuk styleeeeeeeee....!!!,,,,in there boss sir....n cheers mah mucker man,,,,!!!! airdrie fur the cup.....!!!!

lowlife - single, sleeves and pics

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