Friday, 6 July 2012

forgotten rebels - tomorrow belongs to us 12 inch canada 1978

the nazis of rock n roll themselves. this want coming from a ''pure'' hatred of hippies......according to the lyrics anyways. now then, now then......this 12 inch is odd. because honestly its pure shite apart from one song. you can hear wee bits here and there of greatness to come and lots of very over done tips of the hat too the sex pistols, the pagans and the heartbreakers. no bad thing, youd think, but they cant play and have no idea it seems to what theyre doing. which has its charm after listening to it a couple of times. the pagans first 7 inch 'six and change' played by steaming drunk adolescents springs to mind....but, then theres the second song on the a-side. the superbly titled 'third homosexual murder'. everything that failed in all the other songs, due to drunk behaviour and the bass player going to the toilet, eventually came together and we got what all the songs were ment to sound like in one belter of a track. boogie woogie bubblegum sing-a-long punk rock at its finest. you gotta hear this if you havent. its pure class. naive genius, one could rant......the old canadians did it again. god bless them.............''and the fourth one might be you...!!''

forgotten rebels - 12 inch, sleeves and pics


  1. all the songs are great on this record and the following couple rebels records
    you need your ears cleaned

  2. I totaly riped off your pickz dude.

  3. they werent mine to begin with. so help yirself. dicko...!!!