Monday, 23 July 2012

rudi - i spy 7 inch belfast 1979

right. right. right. first post here in a wee while. been to the sunshine. been on an island. been been yeez have it anyways....and im cheating like a motherfucker with two tails......this is an old post that i just cant believe only 40 people have ever clicked on. its one of the first posts i ever did on here and its one of my all time favorite records. ever ever heres another wee trip to the 1970s version of hell on earth. to the tim openers and orange peelers. belfast city N.I......and to the sweetest band since a pair of tits....the almighty wonderful.....RUDI. the band that time forgot...they say...and personally id agree. no body seems to be into them these days, but when i was a lad, they were a part of the staple diet of ''the tunes'' you heard out and about. the maturer cunts dug them but some of them did know where it was at, believe it or not. remember being really young and seeing their videos on some video tape comp-I-lation someone had made up and i was stung by a sweet honey fucking bee. almost obnoxiously sickening but not. the old sing-a-long-a-max that we all love and some rippin guitars played badly in a johnny T  thunders way. who could complain, but who would ever think 40 clicks for such genius. i demand that it is a cock up on the catering front of great proportions and something has went wrong in computer land and it really was 10040 clicks. they just spelled it wrong. some jealous motherfucker who doesnt understand ''the tunes'' must have been working that day and got mad after 40 clicks in 5 seconds and turned the machine off.....i demand that this is true....and i demand a recount.....soooo im posting the fucker again and i demand that more of yous see fit and get a downloading. understand you fucking fools...!!!!

rudi - single, sleeves and pics