Thursday, 31 March 2011

the maniacs - chelsea 77 7 inch london 1977

heres another song i had no idea who it was when i first heard it. was on the same comp tape i found from my brothjer that had 'the nipple erectors - king of the bop' on it. this time im sure i was convinced the a-side of this was 'chelsea'. so i had it on my tapes. then one day i was going to an away football match on the bus and i was sitting next to a guy who was older than me and a punk from the original 1976 days. i had it on my walkman so i let him hear it and although he had no idea who it was, he knew for a fact it wasnt chelsea. so that was me fucked. then a week or so later i was in glasgow a record hunting and i actually found this in the now fabled 'paddys market', glasgows once fine flea market. so all my knowledge problems were solved for about 5 pence. right stomper of an early uk punk 7 inch. heavy 'new york dolls' influence and not the smallest knudge towards 70s glam boot boy stylee. a lot of these one single legends from back in 77 sounded this way. big sound chasing punk star wannabes. 'chelsea 77' is a classic tune though. great cover to this as well. brilliant punk rock artwork. nice..!!

the maniacs - single sleeves and pics


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

threats - go to hell 7 inch dalkeith (edinburgh) 1982

as were on a bit of a scottish tip now after the last post. heres another wee gem from the vaults of cheap wine and deep fried food. the mad mental mighty threats, from dalkeith on the east coast of scotland. just outside of edinburgh. cause of this fact alone, youd probably be right in saying that theyre heavily influenced by scotlands other east coast uk82 bastardios 'the exploited'. this aint too hard to work out. the influence is indeed heavy, just like the distribution of 'salt n sauce' to their chips in them there parts.. fuck it..!! who really cares. the exploited were magic and so are threats. theres three songs in total. all three of them are mighty fine wee blasts of 80s brick wall sounding punk rock, but the two anthems here are ' go to hell ' and ' wasted '. quite fond of the names these boys have as well '' jamo, tin, meecho and gogs ''. you can tell there all mates as non-mates would never stick up their nicknames for the record sleeve. pure scheme names as well. tip-top. come on the scottish punks..!!

threats - single sleeves and pics