Sunday, 13 March 2011

the undead - nine toes later 7 inch new york 1982

if you dont already know, which you all should bt now, the undead were and are bobby steeles, of misfits fame, 'other' band. in other words, he got booted out the misfits and started the undead. theres definetly a misfits feel to them, as bobby seemed (seems) a little jealous, mad, narked, arsed etc etc etc....that he got booted out in the first place and has been riding the plan 9 gravy train ever since. he was after all booted out for having polio, or some other such disease that makes you walk funny. he didnt fit into glenn danzigs plans about all of the band kicking their way out coffins on stage as they started the show. poor bobby supposedly would be left in there as the show went on. years later he prooved to the world that this was a lie and could in fact kick his way out a coffin on stage, by doing so at the undeads shows. i bet danzig was kicking himself for such a mistake, imaging letting bobby go. anywayzzz...........the a-side of this record is a bobby-dazzler. two tracks of angry new york style rock n roll punk. with great sing-a-long-a-max choruses. the b-side falls a bit flat to be honest, so lets not go on about them two. went to see them around 2000 in glasgow and i cant remember a thing about it. this records great anyway. show me yir boabie..!!

the undead - single sleeves and pics


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