Thursday, 31 March 2011

the maniacs - chelsea 77 7 inch london 1977

heres another song i had no idea who it was when i first heard it. was on the same comp tape i found from my brothjer that had 'the nipple erectors - king of the bop' on it. this time im sure i was convinced the a-side of this was 'chelsea'. so i had it on my tapes. then one day i was going to an away football match on the bus and i was sitting next to a guy who was older than me and a punk from the original 1976 days. i had it on my walkman so i let him hear it and although he had no idea who it was, he knew for a fact it wasnt chelsea. so that was me fucked. then a week or so later i was in glasgow a record hunting and i actually found this in the now fabled 'paddys market', glasgows once fine flea market. so all my knowledge problems were solved for about 5 pence. right stomper of an early uk punk 7 inch. heavy 'new york dolls' influence and not the smallest knudge towards 70s glam boot boy stylee. a lot of these one single legends from back in 77 sounded this way. big sound chasing punk star wannabes. 'chelsea 77' is a classic tune though. great cover to this as well. brilliant punk rock artwork. nice..!!

the maniacs - single sleeves and pics


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