Wednesday, 6 April 2011

new bomb turks - bottle island 7 inch ohio 1993

'' take off your dress. get off of that elevator. '' now theres a line that should start a song. the new bomb turks going down tae 'billy childish's' house and throwing a couple of tunes together over a few guiness' and a doobie. or thats the way it sounds anyway. in fact all stuff recorded by billy childish sounds like that, so i fucking hope that is the way these tunes are recorded. id hate to hear they were recorded after a remorseful chat or even, hell mend it, a poetry reading by the moustachiod one. anywayz....these two tunes are the business. raw as yir auntie madge rock n roll. sounds like, as ive said, theyre all pished drunk and having a ball and a laugh and all those things that this kinda tunage is supposed to bring. good time up tempo trash thats as catchy as hell and 'll have you singing all day. fucking love a good chorus, so i do. the early new bomb turks were magic. they really brought a breath of fresh air into the rock n roll scene at the time. they had a kinda tempo and energy that some people can only dream of having. they released so many great records in this time period and they were a singles loving band as well, that i love about them too. think ive got about fourteen of their 7 inchers, many in colour boogie vinyl as well. to be honest if you dont like this kinda shit then your lookin or reading in the wrong place. this is the kinda record that rings my bell. short. sweet. cool. punk. fucking magic..!!

new bomb turks - single sleeves and pics



  1. This site is fuckin' mega! it mugged me as I was moochin around for ... something.

    So my employer has now lost half a day's quality work as a result, which means you're contributing to this fine country's steady decline.

    Anyway, I'm gonna tell all my friends to look, so you may have 2 or 3 hits over the next week. KEEP THIS SHIT UP!

  2. i feel proud im contributing to egglands decline, not what i ment with this blogg, but glad all the same. cheers for the comments mate. much much appreciated. promise ill do some more posts soon. too much work and bullshit at the moment....but soon.!!