Tuesday, 26 April 2011

photos dropkick murphys fryshuset stockholm 19th april 2011

here yir second batch eh the photeees that i haves for you. 'drop( fanny )kick murphys' gig that happend last week. to be honest i used to think they were ok and i now think they are embarrassing nonsense that should be ashamed to even be put in the same sentence as punk rock. ive had that opinion for some time now and not just because of this gig, even though this gig did send it home like a hammer straight against an eye tooth. stupid, annoying, plinkity winkity, wannabe american nobs that have no clue ( or i hope have no clue ) about the songs there actually doing covers of. everything i hate about americans and a tad more. anyways..... a stage invasion is always fun, even if it is 'ordered' and expected and contrived. '' americans are cool?! BULLSHIT.!! ''

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