Friday, 29 April 2011

tall boys - island of lost souls 7 inch london 1982

nigel lewis, woodie and fenech. its the meteors i tell you. doesnt sound like them though, too much. big nigels got a weird voice, i.e he cannae sing, but it really suits this kinda tune. some of the ones he croons on 'in heaven', the meteors first lp, are my fave tunes. so if yeez dig that vibe then yeez cannae much go wrong wae this here daftie. again on 'big beat', where else would it be??? this really is as cathchy as fuck, both tunes actually. the a-side grows on you a bit, but side get p.p fenechs guitar sound and the heavy meteors influence starts to show. his playing is unmistakeable, the sound anyway. the original meteors at their (almost) prime, but hey had in fact broke up and got a new line up. so whatcha know, they gave themselves a new name and gave it another wee blast. i bet nigel digs what i just said. fan dan..!!

tall boys - single sleeve and pics


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