Friday, 1 June 2012

mudhoney - superfuzz bigmuff 12 inch seattle 1988

right.!! heres a belter of a record. this is one of them e.p's that sure as fuck rocked the soul outta the whole world and prepared it for new highs and of course some terrible lows as well. id in fact say that it was this here bit of vinyl that bum rushed the whole music scene into getting a grip in the late 80s and not that fucking dreadful pish that nirvagina squirted out and bored us all to death with. they were much cooler as well. sure, they stole the jive from black sabbath and any other top cool 60s punk supercats, but it was just soooo much cleaner, rougher, raucous and incredibly fucking better than anything else that was coming out of 'that' town/state at this time. maybe 'girl trouble' were touching it too, but thats another story. to be honest, a few of the tunes on here, you just cant get better than that. for example 'mud ride', 'if i think' and 'in n out of grace' are some of the best stoner durge you will ever come across. there is no better and everyone ever since has copied their style and fucking coolness. i enjoy it best when im in one of them moods that isnt quite bad and isnt quite good at the same time, you wanna hear destruction but you just cant be arsed being destroyed. kinda sit back, turn up loud and get soaked in fucking genius. top notch tunes and one of the best records ever done.........anyways...remember back in the day that i never quite got to see them. the first time they played, on this tour in fact, as a support band to someone unworthy. i stupidly turned down the chance of going and regretted it ever since. the next time, a few months later, i lost my ticket and then tried sneaking in and got caught and was nearly arrested, if memories ring true. the next time i bizarrely somehow got knocked out on the way there and missed it. the next time i got in and got thrown out. eventually i got to see them and it was pish, years later though, i got to see them again, i think via work, and it was great. so there, make what you want from all of that. a wee jinx, but whats jinxin between friends. honestly..if you havent ever heard this. get it the fuck downloaded and blast it out till yir neighbours teeth fall out. then go and buy it. as im sure their crack habits will be desperately needing the cash..!! enjoy my sisters. enjoy..!!

mudhoney - 12 inch, sleeves and pics


  1. Cool site. Love the pictures. I went to see a new documentary about Mudhoney on Friday. Mark, Steve, Guy, Danny and Matt were all there. I spoke to Matt briefly and he seemed like a very cool guy. Very thankful and gracious to fans.

  2. thanks for that. whats the documentary called???