Saturday, 9 June 2012

screeching weasel - boogadaboogadaboogada lp chicago 1988

some people really hate this band, especially their singer ben weasel. they are obnoxious and he is a self obsessed knee jerk prick at times, but......i rather find their humour quite amusing and bang on the mark and i find mr weasels writing rather amusing as well, and again, bang on the mark. especially what he used to write about jelly-bean ''tiger thug'' biafra and how the political punk scene is full of the biggest non-educated arsewipes on the face of the planet...especially the so-called ''feminists''............anyways......this truly is a fucking brilliant lp. a bit of thrashy americano punk mixed with tremendously catchy pop punk ditties. 'my right', 'this aint hawaii', 'stupid over you', 'love', 'i hate led zeppelin', 'runaway', 'nicaragua' and 'sunshine' are all top class tunes to a man, as well as most of the other songs too.......the sleeve here is from the original press which i remember buying and giving to my sister for her birthday as i found the test-press on the same day. which i stupidly left on the record player one day directlt in the sun light and it warped like a motherfucker. two damp towels and a hot iron soon calmed the cunt down, but the thing is ruined for value purposes (the said test press can go for $350) but amazingly still plays like god-damned new. now theres a thing......right im off to slowly cut myself a thousand times and see what happens. i bet nothing....knowing my

screeching weasel - lp, sleeves and pics

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