Sunday, 24 June 2012

terveet kädet - rock laahausta vastaan 7 inch finland 1980

heres some rawness that cant get much rawer. fast as yir uncles digestive system finnish punk rock thats as rare as a glimpse at a badgers boabie. all three songs actually count in at around 2 minutes but its as catchy as hell none the less. fuck me, they really do have a mental language that just seems like pure spastic to be honest with you. where it came from and how it got there just puzzles me to be honest and in all they are quite puzzling people. theyre either as dark as darth vader or as bouncingly happy as a well coiled spring and there is no inbetween....well apart from the baltic...dearie me, i let myself down with that one......anyways.....believe it or not, but this is sooo fucking rare that it actually changes hands for over a thousand dollars, $1250 at the last e-bay sale i saw, and that is actually the first and probably the last one ill ever see on sale. 200 were pressed, so its one of them things that you just dont see and will never come across in a charity shop. the lucky 100 odd people who have it (as id guess that about 100 have been broken or lost) are holding on to them with grim life in case the scary record thiefs come to town and try and make off with sell it for sure, as the price of records is falling out the sky like a great big heavy thing covered in grease. be warned by the looks like the top prices were reached about 5 years ago and now its just dropping and dropping, so if you have something that you think is worth a bob or two, get it on the old ebay and try and make some cash. id guess that in another 5 or 10 years, they will be almost worthless. maybe not rarieties such as this one and a couple of dozen others, but all the rest are plummeting to death. unless of course, we get another great big world punk scene that will take over like the last sad one did in the early 90s. again, i doubt that will ever happen as the world seems sick of rock n roll and good music in general if the fact be known. the diehards will stick around and then unfortunately die and no-one will take their shoes as who would ever think of trying to change things with a banjo and a statement? anyways, im depressing myself here, so id better be off. näkemiin ja on varovainen...!!!

terveet kädet - single, sleeves and pics

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