Thursday, 21 June 2012

olho seco - botas, fuzis, capacetes 7 inch brazil 1983

same year as the last post but a whole different ghetto entirely....this time were off to the dingy violent world of the sao paulo punk scene in brazil. a place at the time, where it was actually deadly to be a punk. theres well documented proof  (that i cant find anywhere at the moment) that the brazilian government of the time, didnt like punks too much and were in fact having them shot. the sau paulo po po were out in arms to kill a cunt, and kill a cunt they did. theres a documentary about it in fact, which again, i cant for the life of me remember the name of. its out there though, about cunts living in the sewers, sniffing glue, being shot at and other such pleasures of life. it just goes to show you....there was people in places willing to die for what they wanted to listen too. kinda puts our comfortable struggle into perspective, maybe not, as everything is in accordance to the way your brought up and where your brought up. so each struggle is of as much worth as any struggle is. so there........anyways.........this is brutal early hardcore punk with a great big wall of sound. a mixture of early nyhc and the obscure european scene at the time. fast as you like, one could say......ive no idea what it is hes saying.....but i always wondered if the great classic 'nada' (nothing), is the boy pissed off waking up on the day after his giro (social cheque) and discovering what is in his pockets....'' NADA, NADA, NADA ''. doubt it though, as they probably werent allowed such middle class privileges as giros or even crisis loans. you must have heard 'nada', as its on every compilation worth its salt from this time period that covered any form of world punk rock. i wont name them, as im makin ma tea, and i just cant be bothered. ill just trust you should have them and can sing along as much as i can in some fucked up version of portugese mixed with growls and yir own language mixed in........fuck! i love this kinda gear. nasty brazilian hardcore....magic..!!

olho seco - single. sleeves and pics

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